Philippines’ Bureau of Immigration: Let’s voice out our HONEST opinion

Hello lovelies!

Since I am not able to update anything about the Tips and Procedures in our motherland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Qatar Embassy, I thought of making a forum/thread about an interesting topic, our Bureau of Immigration. I know you all heard some news about how difficult it is to get through that section of the airport. I hope we can all learn about each other’s experience when dealing with these IO (Immigration Officers).

Word of mouth is when you pass by some immigration officers, they will offload you because they just want you to give a “lagay” or a large sum of money. I don’t know if it really happened but one of my former colleague told me that she had that experience and paid around Php20,000. How shameful our Immigration Officers are, knowing that the reason why you want to go abroad is to earn money and provide for your family. And what do they do? They find ways to not let people (even with legitimate visa) go out of the country then they ask for that amount of money for their greedy self? (Ok, I’m getting carried way by my emotions now! LOL!)

Let’s just all remember to respect each others opinion, and no bashing please! We are all entitled to say what we want but in a nice and respectful manner.

Ta! X


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